West Berkshire Council

Rubbish Collections

Black bin collections take place every other week

Your black bin needs to be ready for us to empty by 7am on your collection day.
Any rubbish you put in your black bin goes straight to landfill or Energy from Waste (EfW).  Please make sure you recycle and reduce as much as you can.

To make sure you get a great service, please:

  • leave your bin handles facing outwards, as this will make the collection quicker for our crews
  • ensure your bin lid is closed and that there is no excess rubbish left next to the bin
  • don't put liquids in your bin
  • don't overload your bin with heavy items
  • make sure you return your bin to your property as soon as possible after collection

If you put your rubbish out for collection in black sacks provided by us, please check our sack collections page for information on your collections.


Who To Contact

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