West Berkshire Council

Pest Control

Dealing with pests such as rats and mice

West Berkshire Council and Wokingham Borough Council no longer provide a pest control service, but we can assess cases on an individual basis.

We can:

  • advise on preventative action and treatment
  • take legal action where the landowner, landlord or those responsible don't address a pest problem
  • give you details of how to find a reliable pest control contractor who can help

An officer may carry out a survey of your property to confirm the source of an infestation. If the source is found to be on your property, you will be charged a fee.

If the source is found to be on a neighbouring property or from another source, you will not be charged for the survey.

Before you report an infestation, we recommend that you take the following steps to pest proof your property:

  • remove any food and water sources from your property; such as bird feeders and bird baths
  • ensure sheds, decking or other structures have a solid base, so pests cannot gain entry
  • cut back any overgrown climbing plants and trees to prevent access to buildings
  • ensure areas where you have other animals, such as chickens are managed so as not to attract vermin

If you believe the infestation is on a neighbouring property, we recommend that you attempt to make contact and discuss the issue before reporting it.

You can report an infestation using our our online form.

We follow the CRRU Code of Practice, which means focussing on prevention of pests. Unnecessary use of poisons can result in a high level of resistance, and may also be harmful to wildlife.