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Managing the Finances of Someone Unable to do so Themselves

Helping someone lacking the capacity to manage their own financial affairs

Sometimes, a person lacks capacity to manage their own finances, and needs the help of a family member of third party to do this for them. 
If you're seeking to manage the financial affairs of someone else in this situation, you need to have legal authority to do so. 
The gov.uk website provides information on who can do this, and how.

West Berkshire Council's Deputyship Team can also give help and advice West Berkshire residents that lack the capacity to deal with their own property and financial affairs. 
However, the Deputyship Team itself will only become the legal deputy or appointee as a last resort where there is no other appropriate person who can do so on behalf of the individual.

If you need to get help and advice, or you need to make a referral to the Deputyship Team, please get in touch.

Who To Contact

Our contact centre for Adult Social Care (formerly our 'Access for All' team)

01635 503050