West Berkshire Council

Flexible Home Improvement Loans

Making your home warmer, safer or more secure

The Flexible Home Improvement Loan is available to homeowners aged 60 or older.
It's used to carry out improvements to your home to make it warmer, safer, more comfortable and secure.

The loan is described as 'flexible' because there are a range of ways in which the loan can be paid back. During the term of the loan, you can choose to make regular monthly repayments, occasional payments or no payments at all.

The loan will be secured by a charge on the property.  If the property is sold, or if the owners cease to occupy it, the loan, plus any outstanding interest must be repaid.  Interest will be charged, but at a low rate linked to the rate set by the Bank of England.

Loans are also available to the owners of empty homes to help to bring them back into use.

To apply for a Flexible Home Improvement Loan, please contact our Home Improvement Agency (HIA) Officer

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