West Berkshire Council

Animal Warden Service

Reporting lost or found dogs or other animals

If you've lost or found an animal please contact us:

  • During office hours (9am - 5pm, Monday to Thursday or 9am - 4.30pm Friday)  - 01635 519171
  • Outside of these times (including Bank Holidays)  - 0844 499 6063

Services for both West Berkshire Council and Wokingham Borough Council are provided by a dedicated in-house Animal Warden, supported by our partner organisation, Noah's Ark Environmental Services.

What happens next

The information below refers to dogs as these are the most common cases we deal with. 
For other animals, our processes and charges will differ depending on the type of animal and situation - we'll let you know when you contact us.

2017 - RSPCA Gold Footprint Award for Stray Dogs
2017 - RSPCA Gold Footprint Award for Stray Dogs

If you've found a dog

The warden will collect and arrange for the dog to be kennelled while we try and find the owner - if we can't do that within seven days, it will be re-homed.

If you've lost a dog

If we find your dog, please note that:

  • you are legally required to ensure that you can provide appropriate identification for your dog/s
  • dogs will be kennelled for up to seven days - this is a charged-for service, and the cost will vary depending on the size of your dog, any medical needs, and the type of kennel that has to be used
  • if you collect your dog before it needs to be kennelled, a charge will be payable on collection of £61
  • if you collect your dog after it has been kennelled, a charge of £86 will be payable on collection, in addition to kennelling costs incurred before the dog is released back to you
  • if your dog is required to be delivered to you, rather than collected, you will be charged for this (the amount will depend on the distance required to travel)
  • dogs not claimed after seven days are re-homed

We operate a non-destruction policy, so healthy dogs are never destroyed unless they present a danger to the public.

Please note that our warden cannot collect stray dogs on private land without the landowner's permission.