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A339, Cheap Street and Bear Lane Improvements

A major road improvement project for Newbury started on 7 January 2019.

The £1.8 million project, funded by developer's contributions from the Newbury Racecourse development and Local Transport Plan capital grant funding recognises the need to create more capacity on the busy town centre network. The opportunity will be taken to resurface the roads during these works.

You can pdf icon view a list of Frequently Asked Questions [355kb] about the project.

Drawings showing the new road layout can be viewed below:

Phase 1 - 7 January to April 2019

The introduction of traffic lights at the junction of the A339 and Cheap Street to allow traffic to turn right from the dual carriageway into Cheap Street. There will be off peak lane closures and pedestrian diversions. 

Update - The contractor has brought forward carriageway resurfacing on the A339 and an area of Cheap Street which means Phase 1 will now be completed in April 2019. 

If you have any questions, comments or would like further information, please get in touch with the Highways Projects Team.

Traffic using the A339/Bear Lane Junction

End of Week 10 - Friday 15 March

Written on: 15-3-2019

This week the new central island at the junction of Cheap Street with A339 has taken shape. The new kerbs have been laid as well as the tactile paving. New edgings were laid at the back of footway adjacent to Sundial House and the binder course surfacing also laid. The new tactile crossing adjacent to Pageant Party has been constructed and the new kerb line towards the Conservative Club has started being laid. 

A section of the existing central reserve area on the A339 has been removed and the carriageway is being excavated for the new junction kerb line. 

Within Market Street the laying of new ducting has continued and the new tactile crossing next to the Kennet Centre (south side) has started to be constructed. 

Works planned for next week are:

Cheap Street/A339

  • Continue removing the central reserve area on the A339 and laying new kerbs
  • Lay ducts across the A339
  • Lay kerbs adjacent to the Conservative Club in Cheap Street

Market Street

  • Continue constructing the new pedestrian crossing and lay new block paving near Kung Fu restaurant
  • Start work on the new pedestrian crossing to the east of the Kennet Centre


End of Week 9 - Friday 8 March

Written on: 11-3-2019

This week within Cheap Street the new kerb line adjacent to Sundial House has been laid and two new road gullies have been constructed. Kerbs have also been laid to form the new central island which will contain the new signalised crossing. The laying of traffic signal ducts has also continued across the Cheap Street junction as well as within the carriageway on the A339. Ducting has also continued to be laid within the northern footway of Market Street.

Works planned for next week are:

Cheap Street/A339

  • Remove old footway edgings and kerbs
  • Lay new kerbs and install traffic signal elements
  • Continue laying new traffic signal ducts across the A339

Market Street

  • Continue to lay new ducting and construct new pedestrian crossing adjacent to the Kennet Centre
  • Relay block paving areas

Cheap Street 5
Cheap Street 5


End of Week 8 - Friday 1 March

Written on: 1-3-2019

This week the contractor has continued laying traffic signal ducts within Market Street, Cheap Street and the central reservation along the A339. New traffic signal chambers have also been constructed and block paving reinstated.  

A new section of kerb line has also been laid along the A339 southbound adjacent to Sainsbury's.

As of Monday (4 March 2019) the exit on to the A339 from Cheap Street will be closed so as the following works can be undertaken:

  • Lay new kerb line and construct footway adjacent to Sundial House
  • Remove the existing central island within Cheap Street and construct the new island which will contain the new signalised crossing
  • Lay new ducting across the A339 (northbound)
  • Continue laying new ducts within Market Street

Update - Cheap Street Closure

Written on: 26-2-2019

In order to construct the new kerb line/footway adjacent to Sundial House and place ducts across the A339, a small section Cheap Street will be closed from Monday 4 March 2019 for four weeks.

The closure will be from Newbury Baptist Church, past Sundial House to the A339. Vehicle movements in to Cheap Street from the A339 will be as normal with two-way traffic still maintained in both directions along Cheap Street and to the Station (from both directions). Therefore the only vehicular movement not permitted during the closure will be vehicles wishing to exit on to the A339 from Cheap Street.

Various options were considered but in order to maintain safety for both the contractor and public closing this small section of Cheap Street is the only safe method.

A pdf icon map showing the closure [112kb] is available for more information.

End of Week 7 - Friday 22 February

Written on: 25-2-2019

This week further surfacing has been laid on the widened area of carriageway within Cheap Street and also in the new footway areas. The traffic signal control cabinet, electrical feeder pillar and hard standing area around both elements has been undertaken. New tactile paving and footway reconstruction is almost complete on the corner of Cheap Street leading towards the station and over the railway bridge.

Ducting work also started within Market Street adjacent to Nando's as well as two trial holes either side of the Kennet Centre vehicle access ramp.

Works planned for next week are:

Cheap Street/A339

  • Lay tarmac binder material within footpath areas
  • Continue ducting work within the footway to Bear Lane Roundabout
  • Lay kerb line and realign gully positions on A339 southbound

Market Street

  • Continue ducting work within the footway areas

A339/Cheap Street 3
A339/Cheap Street 3