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A339, Cheap Street and Bear Lane Improvements

A major road improvement project for Newbury started on 7 January 2019.

The £1.8 million project, funded by developer's contributions from the Newbury Racecourse development and Local Transport Plan capital grant funding recognises the need to create more capacity on the busy town centre network. The opportunity will be taken to resurface the roads during these works.

You can pdf icon view a list of Frequently Asked Questions [355kb] about the project.

Drawings showing the new road layout can be viewed below:

Phase 1 - 7 January to April 2019

The introduction of traffic lights at the junction of the A339 and Cheap Street to allow traffic to turn right from the dual carriageway into Cheap Street. There will be off peak lane closures and pedestrian diversions. 

Update - The contractor has brought forward carriageway resurfacing on the A339 and an area of Cheap Street which means Phase 1 will now be completed in April 2019. 

If you have any questions, comments or would like further information, please get in touch with the Highways Projects Team.

Traffic using the A339/Bear Lane Junction

End of Week 24 - Friday 21 June

Written on: 21-6-2019

This week the Contractor removed the existing traffic signal equipment from the pedestrian crossings on Cheap Street and Market Street.  There are temporary signals set up in their place for the time being until the signalised junction is commissioned in beginning of July. The civils are almost complete for the new crossing points with the tactiles and kerbs laid in anticipation of the resurfacing. The cabling and electrical work to connect up the new signals is underway.

On the A339 at the Bear Lane Roundabut the kerbing works have progressed well and the new areas of carriageway have sub-base compacted in preparation for resurfacing next week. Ducting and loop boxes have been installed and footway areas have been prepared for surfacing.

Work resumed on the buildout between Mill Lane and Kings Road to reset the loose bollards and reinstate the blockwork.

Next week the Contractor is continuing the civils works during the day and undertaking resurfacing at night.The schedule for the resurfacing overnight is as follows:

Week 1

24th - 25th JuneA339 Southbound Closed - Resurfacing north of Bear Lane RoundaboutPlane existing carriageway, adjust iron works, lay new surfacing and apply new road markings.
Kings Road Eastbound Closed - DuctingLay new ducts from the north side of Kings Road to the central island. Entry in to Kings Road will be closed and the diversion route will be via Mill Lane, Boundary Road and Kings Road (westbound).
25th JuneA339 Southbound Closed - Resurfacing north of Bear Lane RoundaboutPlane existing carriageway, adjust iron works, lay new surfacing and apply new road markings.
Kings Road Westbound Closed - DuctingLay new ducts from the central island of Kings Road to the splitter island near Bear Lane roundabout. Entry on to Bear Lane roundabout will be closed and all vehicles will be diverted south on to the A339, around St John's roundabout and back down the A339 to Bear Lane roundabout.
26th JuneA339 Northbound Closed - Resurfacing north of Bear Lane RoundaboutPlane existing carriageway, adjust iron works, lay new surfacing and apply new road markings.
27th - 28th JuneCheap Street & Market Street ClosedPlane existing carriageway, adjust iron works, lay new surfacing and apply new road markings. Access to and from Cheap Street will be via the new signalised junction on the A339. Market Street will be fully closed between the access to the Kennet Centre and Wharf Road.


Then, for the following week commencing 1st July the Contractor will finish off Phase 2 of resurfacing on the A339 by returning again working at night to plug the bridge joints under directional road closures:

Week 2

1st JulyA339 Northbound Closed - North of Bear Lane RoundaboutPlug the bridge joint on the A339 river bridge
2nd JulyA339 Northbound Closed - South of Bear Lane RoundaboutPlug the bridge joint on the A339 railway bridge
3rd JulyA339 Southbound Closed - North of Bear Lane RoundaboutPlug the bridge joint on the A339 river bridge
4th JulyA339 Southbound Closed - South of Bear Lane RoundaboutPlug the bridge joint on the A339 railway bridge


Please continue to bear with us as we have more road closures and diversions in place to complete the resurfacing work at night. All closures will take place from 19:30 to 06:30. Please see pdf icon Letter sent to residents [210kb] for more information and visit www.roadworks.org for details of the traffic management and diversion routes. Access to residential dwellings and businesses will be permitted at all times but there may be periods where access is delayed whilst certain site activities are being undertaken.

Below is also the forecasted civils works for next week commencing 24 June:

Day Works

  • Lay binder asphalt course in the footway in the traffic island to the south of the A339 Bear Lane Roundabout. Lay Base and Binder courses in the areas of new carriageway reallocated from the traffic island.

  • Reinstate paving on Cheap Street/Market Street footways

  • Additional ducting in block paved area of buildout between Mill Lane/Kings Road

  • Installation of new pedestrian crossings in Cheap Street/Market Street

Night Works

  • Kings Road ducting road crossings

  • Installation of loop boxes prior to resurfacing

  • Adjustments to ironworks to take place once the surface course has been planed off

  • Lining works and loop cutting to take place after resurfacing


End of Week 23 - Friday 14 June

Written on: 19-6-2019

Work continues on the traffic islands around the A339 Bear Lane Roundabout as kerbs are laid and the surfaces are prepared for reinstating the carriageway and /or footway according to the new design.

On Market Street the temporary traffic signals have provided enough space for the Contractor to install ducts, realign the kerb on the footway and reinstate the block paving. Work has begun on the dropped kerbs and tactiles for the newly positioned crossing.

Forecasted work for next week (commencing 17 June) includes:

  • Market Street  - continue kerbing, ducting and paving/tactiles

  • Cheap Street and Market Street -  traffic light decommissioning and removal of existing signalised crossing equipment (replaced with temporary pedestrian crossing signals)

  • Kings Road - ducting on footway outside of Sainsbury

  • Mill Lane - reinstate block work around bollards on buildout

  • A339 Bear Lane Roundabout - kerbing and preparation for tarmac on traffic island

End of Week 22 - Friday 07 June

Written on: 12-6-2019

The ducting work around the inside of Bear Lane roundabout is now complete. The kerbing on the traffic island to the south of the roundabout is also complete. Work continues on the traffic island to the east of the roundabout with amendments to the kerb ongoing at Kings Road. The rest of the kerbing on the roundabout will take place under night time closures to ensure minimum disruption to traffic.

Work at Cheap Street has moved location across to the footway on the west side of the road and at the junction with Market Street. The Contractor laid a new duct underground ready for the signal equipment and has temporarily reinstated the paving blocks on the footway to enable it to be reopened to the public. Similarly the road crossing is complete with 4-Way ducts now buried in position. Barriers will remain in place to protect the open excavation but access to the shops and businesses and is maintained at all times. Cheap Street will remain closed to southbound traffic with access now only possible via the new right turn from the A339 southbound. Next week there will be temporary traffic lights on the carriageway at Market Street during off-peak hours in the day to ensure the safety of workers, road users and the general public.

Below is the work forecast for next week commencing 10 June:

  • A339 traffic islands - continue taking up and removing old kerbs and pavement and reinstate new kerbline to amended traffic island shape

  • Bear lane - topsoil and concrete around the traffic signal box and re-erect roundabout sponsor signs

  • Kings Road West / A339 - install tactile paving "Cycle ladder" outside of BT building

  • A339 Southbound Footway - excavate to install ducts outside Sainsbury's and in footway beside the Police Station

  • Cheap Street/Market Street - construct new buildout at junction and excavate Market Street footway to lay ducts and begin new crossing

Please note that to enable works to the footways on the A339 there will be pedestrian diversions in place. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused but the works have been planned for the safety of the public at large.

End of Week 21 - Friday 31 May

Written on: 5-6-2019

Work has begun on the Bear Lane roundabout with lane closures in place this week during the school holidays. Excavation took place in the verge of the roundabout for 4-way ducts to be installed to house the traffic signal cables. Kerbs have been replaced where they have been either dislodged or damaged. The traffic islands to the south and east of the roundabout have had kerbs realigned to the new design. Pedestrians and cyclists are asked to follow the diversion route whilst the new crossing points are constructed.

The northern end of Cheap Street has changed shape with new kerbs and drainage installed at the junction with Market Street. Progress was slowed due to the presence of existing utilities under the footway however the paving is being reinstated now with new blockwork. Cheap Street remains closed to southbound traffic and vehicles must now use the new right hand turn from the A339 to access Cheap Street and the railway station.

Below is the work forecast for next week commencing 3 June:

  • A339 traffic islands - new kerbs, channels and tactiles on islands

  • Bear Lane Roundabout - continue excavation on verge inside roundabout and lay new ducts and chambers for the signal equipment

  • Cheap Street/Market Street - finish reinstatement and move across to opposite footway to begin laying ducts and excavating for new kerb line and crossing point

End of Week 20 - Friday 24 May

Written on: 28-5-2019

As of this week the contractor has increased the number of workmen, activities and locations on site as we progress with Phase 3 of the project and make the most of the restricted working hours. Next week the contractor will start work on the inner area of Bear Lane roundabout and this will involve closing off the inside lane to traffic during off-peak hours (9:30 to 3:30) to give an adequate safety zone to realign the kerbs and install the new upgraded traffic signal equipment. Work will continue simultaneously on the islands to the south and the east of Bear Lane where there has been good progress excavating the existing footways and kerbs, and installing the ducts and traffic signal chambers.

The new crossing point is being constructed on Kings Road opposite Sainsbury's with the blister tactile paving, dropped kerbs and channels set in their new position. Likewise the relocated crossing on the traffic island to the south of  Bear Lane has been part constructed. The new areas of carriageway, created from the old islands to increase traffic capacity, have been tarmacked with base and binder courses and now await the surface wearing course which will be laid along with the rest of the A339 resurfacing towards the end of the scheme.

A339 Blog Photo Wk 20
A339 Blog Photo Wk 20

Cheap Street remains closed to southbound traffic entering from Market Street and this has enabled the installation of new signal ducts halfway under the road, and construction of the relocated gully chamber to connect to the existing surface water drainage system. The blockwork on the footway continues to be relaid making good the old paving where it had got scruffy and it had sunk or where the levels had gone awry through past utility reinstatements.

Below is the work forecast for week commencing 28 May:

  • Kings Road/Mill Lane - Install ducts and signal equipment at crossing point. Excavation of old kerb line and existing footway / verge.

  • A339 Traffic Islands - Continue to lay new ducts and chambers ready for new traffic signal equipment. Kerb works for the new island design.

  • Bear Lane Roundabout - Exacavate inside the roundabout to break out existing kerbline and lay new ducts and signal equipment

  • Cheap Street/Market Street - Ducting and installation of signal equipment at junction with Market Street.