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Andrew, Transport & Countryside, Team Leader, ILM Level 3

Although there is a lot of work required, the ILM apprenticeship has been a great experience that I would recommend to others. My philosophy is that you should learn something new every week at work or in your personal life to ensure you continually develop and improve. The great Henry Ford said, "Anyone who stops learning becomes old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young".


Rachel Brickman, People Directorate, Director Support, Chartered Managers Degree, Level 6

Doing the apprenticeship has allowed me to set aside time to carry out an in-depth research project and has helped me to understand the way business works more clearly.


Sue, Manager in ASC

The introduction of the apprenticeship training programme, facilitated by the levy fund, has been extremely beneficial to Responsive Care Providers. The programme has enabled our frontline practitioners to engage in learning programmes that enhance our services and improve the client experience. The value of well-trained staff cannot be underestimated and the opportunities now available to undertake qualifications in this field of work, together with the promotion of our core values will, we hope, support our goal of being the employer of choice in West Berkshire.


Abi, Manager and Apprentice, Human Resources, Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship, Level 7

Within HR we have always looked to support an apprentice. Several of our existing HR team started as an apprentice, including Faye, Lucinda and Amie. It is a real pleasure to see someone start in the team with very little knowledge or experience and gradually grow in confidence and ability into a fully-fledged member of the team. It is also a really good experience for an existing team member to mentor and support an apprentice to get their first experience of line management (particularly if the apprentice is new to the world of work too).

I am now in year two of my apprenticeship. The programme has already impacted on my thinking and performance; I am thinking more strategically and have been able to question, consider and understand more about why and how we do things. Meeting others on the programme who have similar and different experiences gives me a wider perspective. I am really looking forward to completing my dissertation/project this year.


Faye, Human Resources, Business Administration, Level 3

Completing an apprenticeship is a great way to build knowledge and develop skills that support you to succeed in your role.


Donna, Education, Senior Leader, Degree Apprenticeship, Level 7

I have just started the MSc Public Management and Leadership Programme. The programme is already challenging my thinking around public services and leadership. I am particularly enjoying the opportunities to interact with fellow students across the country and hear about their experiences.


Susanna, Education, Team Leader, ILM, Level 3

The training sessions completed during the apprenticeship have given me a great opportunity to reflect on the way that I manage both myself and my team.


Vicky, ASC, Occupational Therapy, Level 6

I'm in my second year of a four-year apprenticeship and I've found that learning on the job has been the absolute best way for me to gain new skills for my current role and for the future. It is hard work, but I could never have afforded to be a full-time student again. This way, I can work as well as study and at the end I'll have a professional qualification that will hopefully benefit WBC as well as me. I'm incredibly grateful to my managers and my colleagues, all of whom have been so supportive of my learning.


Alison, Education, Accounts, Level 4

Enriching as you meet people with similar interests but who work in very diverse fields. Opportunity for career diversification and progression. Gained valuable experience of working with other professionals and their working practices.