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Helping out in and around Hampstead Norreys - Case Study from the Village Support Team

Sunny Montague of the Village Support Team explains how volunteers rallied together to support residents in Hampstead Norreys and nearby throughout the lockdown

The Hampstead Norreys and surrounding areas group started with a Facebook post just before lockdown began.


The response was amazing, with 60 volunteers signing up within days. Everyone rallied around to assist with making sure that each home had a flyer through the door telling them that there was help available.

Once we had established how many volunteers we had, we split the village into smaller area groups which are managed by an area Lead, with a backup in place. This has allowed us to respond to requests quickly and ensured that there is always someone available to help.

Since March, our group has helped people who were shielding by collecting regular and adhoc prescriptions from our local pharmacy, at The Downland Practice.

We have also been taking daily deliveries for locals from Hampstead Norreys Community Shop, the village store. One resident recounts how lovely it was whilst shielding to have her newspaper brought to her door for her every day and to be able to enjoy fresh produce from the shop.

2020 - Hampton Norreys case study shop volunteers
2020 - Hampton Norreys case study shop volunteers

Volunteers Vonnie and Trish at the Hampstead Norreys Community Shop


2020 - Hampton Norreys case study Chef Jay
2020 - Hampton Norreys case study Chef Jay

Chef Jay making a batch of his legendary sausage rolls

The group continues to deliver hot, freshly cooked meals made by the shop's fantastic chef, Jay, to a business based in Compton every morning.

There has been a tremendous response from villagers and visitors who have purchased items on the food list whilst at Hampstead Norreys Community Shop. Families who needed a little help have benefitted from a weekly food box delivery by volunteers. Although things are quieter now, we are still offering a daily delivery from the shop by one of our lovely volunteers.

This has previously been co-ordinated by the team at the West Berkshire Community Support Hub, Newbury Rugby Club, and Spotlight. More recently, we have been continuing to collect and deliver food boxes with the fantastic assistance of the Hermitage Volunteers Group and donations from our village.


It has been wonderful to see how many people of all ages have come together and worked so hard to keep everyone in our lovely village safe and cared for. It makes me very proud to be part of this community!