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Streatley & Goring Villages Rise to the Lockdown Challenge

Volunteer Street Champions from Streatley and Goring provided massive support to residents and visitors during the coronavirus lockdown, delivering food parcels and prescriptions, and offering friendly, cheer-up chats.

Streatley Parish Council banded together with these volunteers to co-ordinate the response to local challenges posed by the coronavirus lockdown.

The Streatley Emergency Response Group (SERG) was formed at the beginning of the outbreak to put together a range of help for residents and visitors.

SERG is led by former parish Councillor Nikki Swan, who, as an experienced medical responder and emergency volunteer, was ideally qualified to link with the new Street Champion teams and with the neighbouring Goring Parish Council.

2020 - Helpline Volunteer Streatley
2020 - Helpline Volunteer Streatley
SERG quickly set up a Helpline which at its peak it handled some 30 - 40 calls per day from Streatley and Goring residents.

To streamline the collection and delivery of medical prescriptions, SERG reached out to the Pharmacy, the surgery, the Street Champions and the volunteers on the Helpline, who jointly came up with a solution.

The system has been well received by everyone and has resulted in reduced waiting times, smaller queues and an increase in medicines being available for pick up at a specified time.

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