West Berkshire Council

What do I do if a resident I am helping doesn't answer the door?

In this situation the volunteer should try to telephone the resident, if possible look through the windows or call over the garden fence to see if you can get a response.

If safe to do so, knock on the neighbours' doors to find out if they are in or if anyone has seen them go out - remember to maintain safe social distancing measures. If you don't get a response then call back later that day, if possible.

If you do not get a response after trying the above options then call 111 and request the police carry out a welfare check. Please also pass this information back to the Community Support Hub.

If you see a person in trouble or on the floor etc, dial 999, do not attempt to enter the property but wait for the emergency services to arrive.

Do not leave medication or food on the door step without first making contact with the resident.