West Berkshire Council

Represent your community or volunteer

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues, communities across West Berkshire have united together to support their families, friends and neighbours in need.

You will have no doubt seen offers of help have been pouring in on social media with concerns for the vulnerable and elderly, who are at a greater risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

We are welcoming and embracing the great community spirit in West Berkshire as it is this very ethos that will help us to support each other through this emergency. However, we are also concerned that people with criminal intent may seize opportunities to take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable. We believe that by working with established groups, we can help to safeguard against this potential risk.

The Community Support Hub will therefore be encouraging people to contact experienced and established groups with offers of help and we ask that you consider ways in which you or your organisation may be able to use the Community Support Hub as an additional resource to help those in the community.

We are putting together a map which will provide details of where groups in your community are based and the support they are offering, but in the meantime, please contact us on 01635 503579. If you would like to join us to add your information to this page, please do get in touch using our ask for help from our Community Support Hub service. This can also be used to ask for help yourself, on behalf of someone else who might need assistance.

We have compiled some FAQs which may be useful to those who wish to volunteer and community groups. We will add to these regularly as new queries arise.