West Berkshire Council

Restorative Practice

The Building Communities Together Team in partnership with West Berkshire Council aim to work across the district using the restorative practice model. At its heart, is the importance of building, maintaining and repairing relationships, the power of working 'with' people and using language that challenges people, whilst maintaining the relationship - 'It's not what we say, it's how we say it'

Here are pdf icon 99 reasons to build relationships [2Mb].

Restorative Practices rests with the belief that people will make positive changes when those in position of authority do things with rather than to or for them.

The Social Discipline Window is a restorative approach that requires a balance of high level of challenge with high levels of support as shown in the diagram below.

The BCT team have been working with Mark Finnis an expert in restorative practices to roll this out across West Berkshire.

BCT - Working to, with, not and for image
BCT - Working to, with, not and for image