West Berkshire Council

Community Resources

Resources and initiatives that could help your community


Find out more about loaning litter pickers and equipment for community clean ups on our Community Clean Ups webpage.

You could also become a #Litterhero! Visit the Keep Britain Tidy website for more information.

Dog Fouling

You can report dog fouling in West Berkshire online. We've also created a map showing where dog fouling is taking place across the district.

There's a different form to report a problem with a dog waste bin.

Community Initiatives

Good Gym

The Good Gym helps you get fit by running and doing good in your community. It helps older and isolated people who may need help and also community organisations. Find out how to set one up in your area.


Why not try keeping fit whilst helping the environment and promoting 'plogging' within your community. This new workout trend from Sweden may be capable of keeping you in-shape and saving the planet. Plogging, a combination of jogging and the Swedish term "plocka upp," meaning pick up, is sweeping the globe - and the streets clean of rubbish. The concept is simple, rather than jogging on by the rubbish littered on the street, ploggers pick it up and dispose of it correctly instead.

British Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteers

You can help your community in a crisis.

The community reserve volunteer programme is a new volunteering opportunity allowing you to make a difference during a flood, fire or any other major emergency near you. Sign up today and take the first step towards being prepared in a crisis. 

Community Safety

Unauthorised Encampments

Unauthorised camping is not a criminal offence. Trespassing is a civil offence, giving land owners and local authorities the right to repossess their property using the due process of the law.

West Berkshire Council and Thames Valley Police are obligated to work within the law.

Find out more information on unauthorised encampments and what to do if they happen in your area in doc icon our leaflet [313kb].

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

The aim of Neighbourhood Watch is to bring neighbours together, to create strong, active and friendly communities where crime and anti-social behaviour is less likely to happen. Find out how you can be involved and what is happening in your local area

Thames Valley Police (TVP) Alerts

Receiving TVP alerts allows you to participate in the exchange of information with Thames Valley Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other community groups. As a registered recipient you will not only benefit from two way messaging but may also learn about those in your community subject of anti social behaviour orders, help identify suspected or wanted criminals or learn about community groups, events or meetings in your area. Register for alerts online now.

Rural Crime Reporting Line

The National Farmers' Union, in partnership with Crimestoppers, has launched 'The Rural Crime Reporting Line' for farmers and the public to give information anonymously about rural crime. If you have any information about rural crime you can call 0800 783 0137 or use the online form.

Rural crime is on the rise and it is a serious issue for farmers, businesses and those who live in the countryside. Whether it is large-scale, industrial fly-tipping, hare coursing, livestock theft or machinery theft, rural crime has a devastating effect on farms and other rural businesses. Those responsible for this blight on the countryside are suspected of having links to organised crime.

Thames Valley Country Watch

If you live or work in a rural part of the Thames Valley, Country Watch is here to provide you with the opportunity to, exchange information with Thames Valley Police via the Thames Valley alert system and understand how rural crime is being tackled. Visit the Country Watch website for more information.

Thames Valley Horse Watch

Thames Valley Horsewatch is a scheme set up to connect horse owners and riders with the intention of improving our security and communication. You do not have to own a horse to become involved, they welcome all people whether you are an occasional rider, own a yard or you just want to assist your community. By working together we can be far more alert to what is going on locally and nationally.  

Thames Valley Business Watch

Implementing sound crime prevention and reduction measures makes good business sense. By joining Business Watch you will be able to formulate a crime prevention plan and highlight the strengths and weaknesses within your business. Visit the Business Watch website for more information.

Community Leaders

If you have a concern about something happening in your community, you may want to consider contacting your local town or parish council to find out if it is something that they are already seeking to address. Find your town or parish council's contact details.