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Can I be a Foster Carer?

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Frequently asked questions


The assessment process takes around six months once you have attended our Skills to Foster pre-approval training. Background checks are made alongside the interview work. You will then present to the Fostering Panel to be approved carers. This takes place at Shaw House in Newbury.


Carers are self-employed and receive an allowance rather than a wage. These payments depend on the age of the child/ren placed with you. Carers are not paid if they do not have a placement


You can specify an age range of children you wish to care for. This can be short term, long term, respite, emergency, parent and child or short breaks. This can change at any time during your fostering career to suit your own family and circumstances.


You will be allocated a supervising social worker who will visit monthly and support you at fostering related meetings. You will also receive an annual review, similar to an appraisal to support your development as a carer.

Local carers

You will be invited to attend the West Berkshire Foster Carers Association monthly meetings to meet with other local carers. 


Fostering: myth-busting
Fostering: myth-busting

Carers can:

  • be single, married, straight or gay
  • be of any race, religion or faith
  • have older or younger children
  • live in West Berkshire or within a 20-mile radius of Newbury
  • have a house, bungalow or flat

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