West Berkshire Council

Youth Offending Team

Preventing young people from offending, or re-offending

The Youth Offending Team (YOT) is made up of social workers, education workers, a police officer, health worker, probation, restorative justice and youth workers.  The team involves people from these different agencies to help access the services young people need to help turn them away from crime.

The YOT:

  • works with young people who have received an out of court disposal from police, or who have been to court for an offence, and the court has ordered them to work with the YOT
  • provides reports for the court to advise on what services are available, to assist in decisions about sentencing for young people
  • provides services to parents to help them to respond to any difficulties their children have
  • work with victims of youth crime, offering advice and information, and an opportunity for the effect of the offence on them to be made known to the young person, either directly or indirectly

There are a number of leaflets available at the bottom of this page that explain the various aspects of the Youth Offending Team, including information for victims and parents. The annual Youth Justice Plan is also available.

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's Youth Offending Team

01635 553600