West Berkshire Council

Public Health and Wellbeing

Weight Loss and Healthy Eating
Free support to help you lose weight and eat healthily
Stop Smoking
Free support to quit smoking through Smoke Free Life Berkshire
Brushing for Life
Caring for your child's teeth
Annual Report of the Director of Public Health
An annual report into the health of the people of West Berkshire
Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)
PNAs are used to judge which services need to be provided by local pharmacies
Pharmacies Supplying the "Morning-After Pill" (Emergency Hormonal Contraception)
Locations of chemists in West Berkshire that provide emergency contraception
Workplace Wellbeing Charter
How the Workplace Wellbeing Charter can help your business
Alcohol and Drug Support
Help to change alcohol or drug use
Running in West Berkshire (RunTogether)
Walking for Health
Be Active - Green Bags Scheme
More Physical Activity

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's Public Health and Wellbeing Team

01635 519973