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  • Residents will vote in a Parish Poll on Thursday 15 March, 2018.
    01:41pm - 21 Feb 18
  • Following a financial investigation by the Public Protection Partnership (PPP) Trading Standards Service, managed by the PPP Joint Case Management Unit, a Wokingham-based former counterfeit car accessory dealer was landed with a Confiscation Order to the value of £21,572 when he appeared before Reading Crown Court on the 15 February 2018.
    12:36pm - 21 Feb 18
  • John Monaighan of Beresford Avenue, Slough, Berkshire was sentenced at Reading Crown Court to an immediate 18 month custodial sentence on 14 February after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to seven offences of unfair trading contrary to sections 3 and 8 of Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.
    12:28pm - 21 Feb 18
  • Our Proposal and your questions answered
    09:42am - 14 Feb 18
  • Executive to recommend budget proposals for council services for 2018/19.
    03:52pm - 12 Feb 18
  • Funding will help community groups prevent crime in their areas.
    03:32pm - 9 Feb 18
  • We've been awarded £1.5 million towards infrastructure for the Sterling Cables development in Newbury.
    10:43am - 9 Feb 18
  • Immerse yourself in history and take a trip back to the 17th Century and the time of the Civil War.
    11:59am - 8 Feb 18
  • Brought together for the first time at West Berkshire Museum are 13 hoards from around West Berkshire.
    10:28am - 7 Feb 18
  • The West Berkshire Energy Switch Winter Auction is now open for registration.
    03:10pm - 6 Feb 18
  • The fine is a result of an investigation by the council's waste team.
    01:04pm - 2 Feb 18
  • West Berkshire Museum is delighted to be hosting a new exhibition of paintings and sculptures by two local artists, Susan Hubbard and Nick Speakman, during February.
    01:03pm - 1 Feb 18
  • A project to build a new school in Theale was halted earlier this month
    04:22pm - 31 Jan 18
  • We need to talk...Special Celebration Event 17 February.
    02:21pm - 30 Jan 18
  • Important changes to card fees were introduced on Saturday 13 January.
    02:19pm - 22 Jan 18
  • Council challenges recent claims made by Theale Parish Council
    03:32pm - 18 Jan 18
  • Plans for a new school abandoned in favour of creating new school places in existing schools.
    10:23am - 8 Jan 18
  • Have your say on our proposals before 10 January 2018.
    12:13pm - 5 Jan 18
  • Anne Longfield sees innovative scheme in action
    01:31pm - 16 Nov 17
  • A £350,000 project will improve cycle links between Newbury and Thatcham
    11:57am - 15 Nov 17
  • Come along to our next open day at Padworth Recycling Centre.
    03:50pm - 20 Sep 17
  • West Berkshire Council is consulting on changing its street cleaning and litter picking services.
    09:55am - 20 Sep 17
  • Car parks across West Berkshire have been recognised as being some of the safest in the country.
    12:04pm - 18 Aug 17
  • Final phase of superfast broadband project begins.
    10:12am - 25 Jul 17
  • OFSTED inspection finds Children and Family Service to be 'Good'.
    11:56am - 7 Jul 17
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    New Children and Family Services Webpages
    We'd like your feedback
    Start: 2018-02-19
    End: 2018-03-11
    Results: 2018-03-23
    Review of the West Berkshire Local Plan 2036
    We would like your views on what you think it should cover
    Start: 2018-02-12
    End: 2018-03-26
    Results: 2018-12-12
    A339 Newtown Road/Greenham: No Right Turn Order
    Statutory consultation on a traffic order to prevent right turns on the A339
    Start: 2018-02-08
    End: 2018-03-01
    Results: 2018-05-01
    Parking Review Amendment 27 - Ref 005749MS
    Statutory advertisement of Traffic Regulation Order
    Start: 2018-01-18
    End: 2018-02-08
    Results: 2018-04-01
    Public Path Order: divert part of Public Footpath Shaw-cum-Donnington 20
    Proposal to divert part of the public footpath running along the private driveway of Honeybottom House/Walnut Cottage RG20 8AL onto a field edge route to the south
    Start: 2018-01-11
    End: 2018-02-10
    Results: 2018-02-15
    West Berkshire Council School Term Dates 2019/20
    Consultation on proposed term dates for 2019/20
    Start: 2018-01-08
    End: 2018-02-16
    Results: 2018-03-16

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    Contact details for West Berkshire Council's Public Relations Team

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