West Berkshire Council

Spending Over £500

Details of council spending in excess of £500, by month

In keeping with the national open data initiative we publish details of all paid invoices with a value of £500.

You can view the files on a month by month basis below in .CSV format. 

Information for each month is compiled and published around the third week of the subsequent month.

Invoices over £500


 csv icon Jun 2014 [581kb]

 csv icon May 2014 [305kb]

 csv icon Apr 2014 [443kb]  


csv icon Mar 2014 [469kb]

csv icon Feb 2014 [347kb]

csv icon Jan 2014 [358kb]
csv icon Dec 2013 [333kb]
csv icon Nov 2013 [321kb]
csv icon Oct 2013 [386kb]
csv icon Sept 2013 [356kb]
csv icon Aug 2013 [356kb]
csv icon Jul 2013 [633kb]
csv icon Jun 2013 [457kb]
csv icon May 2013 [750kb]
csv icon Apr 2013 [351kb]
csv icon Mar 2013 [385kb]
csv icon Feb 2013 [506kb]
csv icon Jan 2013 [365kb]
csv icon Dec 2012 [301kb]
csv icon Nov 2012 [277kb]
csv icon Oct 2012 [526kb]
csv icon Sept 2013 [685kb]
csv icon Aug 2012 [472kb]
csv icon Jul 2012 [517kb]
csv icon Jun 2012 [411kb]
csv icon May 2012 [617kb]
csv icon Apr 2012 [534kb]

Who To Contact

Contact details for West Berkshire's Chief Accountant

01635 519142