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Adult Care

This page shows information. You can access online services relating to Adult Care here.

Carers provide unpaid care by looking after an ill, frail or disabled family member, friend or partner. We provide information and services to improve carers' ability to care and also live a life outside this role
Providing modern accommodation, on-site care and support facilities for people with a social care need
The Shared Lives Scheme, offering a home environment for adults with care needs
Telecare, monitoring and response services to help support vulnerable people at home
Helping someone lacking the capacity to manage their own financial affairs
Helping adults to return home from hospital safely and in a timely way
A network of organisations offering housing-related support to vulnerable people
Practical solutions and advice on how to eat well
Sources of help if you, or someone you care for, feels vulnerable
Support if you, or someone you care for, feels isolated and lonely.
Planning your stay in hospital
Making sure you get home and recover safely after a stay in hospital
Finding out what benefits you may be entitled to claim
Sources of help if you need assistance with mobility
Direct Payments and other ways to use your Adult Social Care Personal Budget

Who To Contact

Our contact centre for Adult Social Care (formerly our 'Access for All' team)

01635 503050