West Berkshire Council

Elective Home Education and Private Tuition (Home Schooling)

Educating your child outside the mainstream school system

It's your right to educate your child outside the school system, but in our experience it is not something which most parent/carers find easy to do. Naturally, you will have thought carefully about the implications of such a step before making decision.

You are obliged under the Education Act 1996 to provide a full-time education appropriate to your child's age, aptitude and ability, including any special educational needs that they may have.

If your decision to electively home educate (home school) your child arises from difficulties with your child's present school, we would urge you to discuss these in the first instance with the head teacher, or if necessary the Chair of Governors to try to resolve them.

If you're certain that Elective Home Education is a course of action you'd like to pursue, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Employing a private tutor

Parents/carers sometimes consider employing a private tutor for a variety of reasons, and it's important that they have access to the right information about how to do this. 
We publish a pdf icon guidance leaflet [1Mb] designed to help you through the process of selecting and employing a trained, professional tutor for your child. 

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