West Berkshire Council

Family Wellbeing Hubs (Formerly Children's Centres)

Children's Centres have been replaced by our new Family Wellbeing Hubs, providing the same services

Family Wellbeing Hubs still deliver all of the same services as our Children's Centres used to, and will continue to support families, parents and carers of children aged 0 to 5 years old.

The difference is that they now deliver services from a number of different locations within West Berkshire, split into three areas (hubs):

The different locations where we deliver the services are called 'community delivery points'. They could be based in a local community centre, a school or a Family Wellbeing Hub building. Hungerford Centre for Children and Families works in partnership to provide services in Hungerford, Lambourn and Kintbury as a community delivery point.

What do our Family Wellbeing Hubs Offer?

Family Wellbeing Hubs provide:

  • early years education and childcare
  • help to access social services
  • health services
  • training and employment services
  • information and advice services

What's on?

There's are a number of different events and sessions for each of the Family Wellbeing Hubs. Clicking on the links above will show you a calendar that tells you the type, time and location of each session.

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