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How We Use Your Information

How we use the personal information that you give us

Whenever you fill out a form or request a service, West Berkshire Council collects some personal information about you which is held in order to provide services or administer processes.  Data Protection law requires us to use this information according to a set of Principles.
This is known as 'fair processing' and one of the most important aspects of this is that on most occasions we must tell you how we are going to use the information about you which we collect.

Although we may share your information, we will always make this fair, lawful and proportionate. We won't share more information than we feel is necessary and we will usually let you know who the information is shared with and why. You also have a right to ask how we are using the information you have supplied - you can read more about this on our Data Protection webpages.
Where information is sent electronically we will use secure methods (encryption) to send data.

We describe how your information is shared with other organisations in statements known as Fair Processing Notices. You can download and read these using the links below.

Who To Contact

West Berkshire Council's Data Protection Team

01635 519591