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Download e-Books and e-Magazines

Titles available from BorrowBox, OverDrive and RBdigital

E-readers, tablets and Kindles

You can borrow e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines online, and download them to your smartphone or tablet using the apps for BorrowBox; Libby, by OverDrive; and RBdigital - see the links below.

You can download our e-books and e-magazines to tablets and most e-readers, but please note that Kindle is a closed system which does not allow you to read e-books from other suppliers on dedicated Kindle e-readers - this makes using them with our library services impossible. However, you can download our e-books and e-magazines to a Kindle tablet (such as Kindle Fire).                    

AndroidiOS/AppleKindle (Amazon) tablets
BorrowBox app downloadBorrowBox app downloadBorrowBox app download
Libby, by OverDrive app downloadLibby, by OverDrive app downloadOverDrive app download
RBdigital app downloadRBdigital app downloadRBdigital app download

Other places to find e-books

You can also choose from a selection of 50,000 free, public domain e-books through the Project Gutenberg website. Please note that we don't own or manage the Project Gutenberg website. You don't need your library card if you decide to use it, but we aren't responsible for what's available and can't help with specific queries about it.