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Start date: 2017-06-01
End date: 2017-06-22
Results: 2017-11-01

Parking Review Amendment 25 - Thatcham Station: REF 005269MS

Statutory advertisement of Traffic Regulation Order

This consultation is now closed.

We are proposing the introduction of on-street parking charges on parts of Pipers Lane and Aylesford Way in Thatcham, following on from the 2017/18 Budget Proposals, which were approved by Council at its meeting on 2 March 2017. If introduced, these charges would apply every day, at all times (including Bank Holidays). 

The additional income generated will be used to continue to provide convenient, safe and adequate parking facilities on and off the public highway. We will also be able to continue to provide traffic schemes, pedestrian crossings, speed limits and civil enforcement.

Before amendments to the existing parking Consolidation Order can be brought into force, a public consultation must take place. If objections are received they will be investigated and presented in a report to the Executive Member for Highways, to consider what action to take under Individual Executive Member Decisions and whether to proceed with the proposal as advertised.

You can see the pdf icon Draft Order [768kb] and the pdf icon Street Notice [95kb]. The maps of the proposed parking areas and charges are listed below:


What you told us

Ten responses were received for this consultation. Three of the responses, including one from Thatcham Town Council, indicated general support for the proposals.

Four of the responses objected to the proposals on the grounds that it would result in displacement into adjacent residential roads and it placed additional costs on rail commuters.

Three responses supported the proposals for Station Road but requested an amendment to the proposals in Aylesford Way to remove the overnight restriction being proposed.

What we did

An Individual Executive Member Decision report was prepared which considered the comments and objections. This was presented to the Executive Member for Highways and Transport on 27 September 2017.

Changes were may to the proposals on Aylesford Way so that the parking restrictions will only apply between 8am and 6pm. The remainder of the proposed scheme will be introduced as advertised.

The works instruction was submitted to our contractors on 18 September 2017 and the Traffic Regulation Order will become operational from 30 November 2017.  The road marking should be in place before then (subject to weather conditions for road marking contractors) but will only be enforced once suitable warning period has been given and the signs have been erected.

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