West Berkshire Council

Universal Credit

A new benefits system being introduced from July 2015

The government introduced Universal Credit in West Berkshire from the 6 July 2015.

There will be a gradual introduction and, depending on your individual circumstances, it may be some time before you are affected by any changes. 

Applying for Universal Credit

Applications for Universal Credit must be made online.

If you don't have access to a computer, all of our libraries can offer access.  We also have very limited access at our Market Street offices in Newbury - you can drop in and ask at reception to use a computer during opening hours (you don't need to book or ring in advance).

If you need help completing your claim, JobCentre Plus will help you, or alternatively if you contact us we'll try to provide you with assistance.

Please note that Universal Credit does not cover council tax payments, so you will need to get in touch with us if you need help with council tax reduction.

Who To Contact

West Berkshire Council's Benefits Team

01635 519258