West Berkshire Council

Newbury Northbrook Multi-Storey Car Park

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Northbrook Multi Storey Car Park
Pembroke Road
West Berkshire
RG14 1BX

305 spaces, 22 of which are reserved for Blue Badge holders..

The Pay-by-Phone parking code is 7191.

Please note that this car park shuts at 7pm.
If you're leaving the car park after this time, exit through the barriers in the usual way and approach the shutters.
The shutters will detect your vehicle and open to allow you to exit.  For more information, please refer to signage at the car park.

Parking Charges

Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm
Up to one hour£1.50
Up to two hours£2.70
Up to three hours£3.90
Up to four hours£5.20
Up to six hours£7.20
Up to eight hours£8.70
Over eight hours£12
Evening Charge (6pm - 8am)
Monday to Sunday£2

Bank Holiday Charges

Bank holidays are not charged differently - they're charged the same amount as the corresponding day listed above. For example, a Bank Holiday Monday will be charged at the same rate as any other Monday. It's always best to check the tariff boards at each location to make sure you pay the correct amount.

To retrieve your vehicle after the lock-up time, use your ticket or season pass on the scanner on the main pedestrian door to enter the car park. Pay the parking fee and put the paid ticket or season pass in the exit terminal. The barrier will rise and by driving forward slowly, the roller shutter door will rise automatically.