West Berkshire Council

Start date: 2017-05-02
End date: 2017-06-04
Results: 2017-08-31

A339/Bear Lane/Kings Road Roundabout, Newbury: Improvement Scheme

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We are suggesting improvements to the A339/Bear Lane/Kings Road Roundabout next to Sainsbury's, as during the morning and evening rush hours it is near its capacity. We propose to:

  • make Bear Lane one-way eastbound between Wharf Road and the A339
  • create a new signal controlled junction from the A339 into Cheap Street to allow traffic travelling from the north and east to access the town centre
  • remove the central reserve on the A339 between Bear Lane junction and the new Cheap Street junction to provide a right turn lane
  • restrict parking on Cheap Street south to accommodate the additional flow of traffic
  • introduce a new pedestrian crossing on Cheap Street
  • introduce a new mini roundabout at the Market Street and Cheap Street junction 

The scheme is estimated at £1.4m and will be funded by contributions from the Newbury Racecourse development and central government grant.

We have considered many options before arriving at our preferred scheme, including the removal of the roundabout and construction of a conventional traffic signal controlled crossroads and the construction of a flyover the A339 junction.


This consultation has now closed.