West Berkshire Council

The MASH Process

This information is for professionals.

The benefits of having a MASH process are:

- Established pathways for information gathering and access to services from all partners

- Maximises effectiveness of multi-agency information gathering and decision making

- MASH aids decision making by providing an earlier richer picture

- Optimised decision making for vulnerable children, young people and their families through a multi agency integrated approach to improve the protection and service delivery to the families


- Provides a faster more co-ordinated response through improved information sharing between partners

- Assist in the early identification of safeguarding concerns as a result of improved inter-agency working arrangements

- Improves recognition of risk and threat

- Enables closer partnership working and clearer accountability

- Identifies and targets resources effectively to ensure children and families are accessing the most appropriate service/intervention to meet their needs and improve overall outcomes

The MASH is a consent based model however there may be cases whereby obtaining consent could place a child or family at risk. In those cases consent can be overridden by the MASH manager.